A/C’s Broken! Now What?

It’s 90 degrees outside and your air conditioner just went on a permanent vacation! Not the best news of the day. But, it needs to be addressed, quickly. Your mind is racing through the normal questions: What is the fastest, cheapest way to get cold air blowing again? What brand should I buy? What contractor to use?

The heating and cooling system is the most complex system in your home. Controlling the temperature is only the start. Removing dust and pollen so you can breathe easier, along with humidity so the air actually feels comfortable are other responsibilities of the system. Let’s not forget the electric bill. Air conditioning can account for 65% of your energy bill!

All central cooling systems will make the air cold when properly installed. Just like all cars will go up and down the road. And like cars, not all are created equal. Some are more comfortable, economical and dependable than others.

How do you decide what is best for you and your family?

Consider the HVAC Contractor

They are responsible for insuring proper installation. More importantly, to correct any issues that might occur. Is proper License and insurance in place? What about reputation? Do you trust and feel comfortable with them?

Consider the Brand

There are currently three major brands on the market. Of these, only Lennox owns itself, its distribution and manufacturing. Making issue resolution easier, if needed. Energy Star also awarded Lennox the most efficient product of 2017. The solar compatible Signature Series XC25, has up to 26 S.E.E.R. and over 60 variable levels of cooling. Trane’s XV20i also has variable speed and rated at 20.5 S.E.E.R. Carrier’s Infinity 19VS is listed as 19 S.E.E.R. with only 5 cooling speeds. Variable?

Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is a multi-year commitment costing several thousands of dollars. Get multiple quotes and buy from someone you trust. John Ruskin said it best “It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little…because the thing you bought was incapable of doing [what] it was bought to do.”

If your air conditioner needs a tune-up or replacement, contact our team. We’ll give you the information to make an informed decision as well as make sure your family is comfortable throughout the hottest Georgia months.

This article was originally featured in the July issue of Woodstock Family Life Magazine. Click here to view it online.