Humidity: How it Affects Health and Comfort

When an air conditioning system is designed for your home multiply things are calculated; filtration, temperature and humidity are among them. The filtration cleans the air while the temperature and humidity control determine how cool the air “feels”, just like the weatherman’s heat index “it’s 85 degrees outside but it feels like 92”. That’s why some homes are more comfortable at the same temperature than others.

Among these, the least understood is humidity and the benefits of balancing indoor humidity within well-defined summer and winter ranges, or what can happen if it is not controlled. Those who understand the importance of balancing indoor humidity appreciate the wide range of health and comfort advantages offered by professionally installed central humidity controls systems.

Keep Humidity at Optimal Levels for Maximum Comfort

When humidity is within an optimal range, people feel more comfortable at higher temperatures. Keeping lower humidity in the summer allows the homeowner to run the air conditioning at comfortable at higher temperatures, thus saving them money.

The optimal humidity for good indoor air quality is the same as that for comfort, with most health professionals recommending a 40-60 percent range.

Higher humidity levels promote the growth of mold. Potential consequences range from allergic reactions and asthma to hives, even allowing toxic mold to grow out of sight.

Problems Caused by Dry Air

Excessively dry air brings a different set of problems. That’s because it can absorb moisture from the body, leading to dry skin, scratchy throats and irritated eyes. This process can also dry out sinuses and nasal passages, as well as the protective mucous membrane that lines the respiratory tract making you susceptible to colds, flu and sinus infections.

The best and healthiest way to consistently maintain optimal humidity is with a properly sized central heating and cooling system including an additional humidifier, ensuring properly conditioned air is evenly distributed throughout the home year-round. Central humidifiers are easily maintained with an annual cleaning and are designed to work with the latest Wi-Fi thermostats, which include settings for humidity control.

If you’re interested in learning how to keep your Woodstock home’s humidity balanced during both the harsher summer and winter months, give Southern Air Pros a call. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians can help find a healthy balance for everyone in your home.

This article was featured in the August 2018 issue of Woodstock Family Life Magazine. To view it online, click here