Humidity: How it Affects Health and Comfort

When an air conditioning system is designed for your home multiply things are calculated; filtration, temperature and humidity are among them. The filtration cleans the air while the temperature and humidity control determine how cool the air “feels”, just like the...

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A/C’s Broken! Now What?

It’s 90 degrees outside and your air conditioner just went on a permanent vacation! Not the best news of the day. But, it needs to be addressed, quickly. Your mind is racing through the normal questions: What is the fastest, cheapest way to get cold air blowing again?...

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Allergies and Your HVAC

Have you made the annual trip to Costco for cases of tissue and buckets of antihistamines yet? If so, you are one of more than 50 million people in the U.S., according to the Collage of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, who suffer from seasonal allergies. There may...

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Testing the Pressure Switch

This safety device insures that the exhaust fumes are being properly removed from your furnace. There are several safeties on your furnace. Please have the safety circuit checked by a professional before the cold sets in.

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Furnace Filter and AC Filter Basics

The best thing a homeowner can do to for their heating and cooling system is to check/change the filter(s) between regular service visit. This doesn’t replace scheduled maintenance by your trained professional, but will improve the air you breath and cost of operating your comfort system.

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Dealing with Atlanta’s Pollen Season

Spring is Coming!! Spring is Coming!! After such a harsh February, spring sounds great. Thoughts of milder temperatures and vacations at the Beach fill our daydreams. The arrival of spring also means the beginning of pollen season here in Atlanta.

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