Southern Air Pros services and repairs all major brands of HVAC equipment.

Below is a brief idea of what we have to offer our customers. If your needs aren’t listed below, please call us as we feel confident we can help.


Providing you peace of mind knowing that everything is being done to help prevent a costly breakdown at the inconvenient times. And, if there is a problem, you will receive priority service and special pricing.


We have well stocked vehicles, a local warehouse, factory training and years of experience to get you feeling comfortable, quick.


Because we choose to work with only the best manufacturers in the HVAC industry, and have a first class installation process, you will be provided with the best options to fulfill your needs and information to make an informed decision.


Indoor Air Quality is important to all of us. Some people suffer more than others during Atlanta’s pollen season or have respiratory issues that require more than standard filtration to breathe easier. We can custom tailor the right purification system for your needs.


Properly conditioning the air for a basement is trickier than it seems. Some people try to tie into the existing system for the home. This creates two major problems. First, doing so robs air from the rest of the home, overworking the system and never really keeping the house comfortable. More importantly, this doesn’t address the humidity issue that most basements have. A dry and comfortable basement requires understanding how to control the humidity first and the temperature second.


Do you need to manage temperatures of a multi-level home with one unit or effectively balance out hot/cold spots? Would you like to conserve energy by not heating or cooling unused spaces? A Zone Control System might be your answer. This is a great way to solve many comfort issues within the home, without the cost of adding a complete new system.

Regular HVAC Checkups are Good for Your Budget.

There are countless reasons to do regular routine maintenance on your home’s heating and air system.

When your system is working its best, you’re more comfortable, your utility bills stay at a reasonable level and you can sleep in peace knowing your system won’t be taking the night (or day) off any time soon. Southern Air Pros is proud to be a leading provider of innovative, home comfort heating and cooling systems- it’s just another way we make you feel better.

Let us help you stay comfortable!